Everyone loves going to the movies and that’s what makes Majestic Cinemas Fundraising tickets so easy to sell. Unlike other fundraising concepts, you don’t pre-purchase our tickets making the process risk free for your group.

Here’s how it works for you:

To be involved in Majestic Cinemas Fundraising all your group has to do is contact us via the contact form below and provide us with the required information about your fundraiser. From there we will setup an online store for your supporters to purchase your fundraiser tickets. You can sell the tickets for any price that you like, so profits will vary depending on the ticket price. There is no maximum so your group can sell as many tickets as it likes to make great profits.

Each ticket has a cost price of $10.00. If you add as little as $2.00 per ticket on top of the cost price and just sell 100 tickets you have made an easy $200. This is truly a simple and easy way to raise funds.

How to sell?

Our online shop will be tailor made to provide groups with the ability to purchase their own tickets at the price you set, so the choice is yours! Successful selling methods will vary from group to group so you should have a think about your methods for advertising your customised online shop to ensure the best results for your fundraising attempt. Group members then use the link we provide to your group organiser to purchase their tickets. It’s easy!


Fundraiser Contact

Maximum Fundraising sales period is two months from start date.
This price will include a $10.00 fundraising fee per ticket

Please note the following T&C’s.

No minimum sales period. Maximum Fundraising sales period is 2 months (60 days). Consecutive sales periods are not available. Once a sales period ends, a fundraising group cannot undertake another drive for a minimum of 3 months.

A $50 admin fee will apply if less than 50 tickets are sold during your fundraising period. If required, this fee will be deducted from the total sales prior to remittance to the group.

Please allow up to 5 business days for accounts to be settled at the conclusion of the drive.

This program is offered in hope that it helps our local community not for profit groups in their fundraising efforts. It is NOT available for commercial businesses or groups who do not fit the likeness of holding a community fundraising event.

Not for Profit groups are reminded that this program is for you to raise money within your school, sport, community etc and not intended for mass promotion or take up across public social media, mass media etc. If Majestic Cinemas becomes aware of this fundraising program being advertised or promoted through media outside of a closed group, the fundraising program may be cancelled at Majestic Cinemas discretion.

Abuse of this program will result in the immediate cancellation of any current fundraising event and may result in the group being banned from participating in the program in the future

Limited fundraising spaces are available during each sales period, Majestic Cinemas reserves the right to prevent the commencement of any program.