Comedy | Romance

Rosa's Wedding

Spanish Film Festival

About to turn 45, seamstress Rosa (Peña) works in the wardrobe department of a film production company in Valencia. Besides the pressure of her job, she’s also besieged from all sides by the demands of family members: her widowed dad, Antonio (Ramón Barea), who insists he’s moving in with her; her divorced brother Armando (a scene-stealing Sergi López), who has financial problems; her possibly-alcoholic sister Violeta (Nathalie Poza); and her grown-up daughter Lidia (Paula Usero) who’s living with a musician in Manchester and raising twin infants. Plus, there’s the constant favours for friends and neighbours…

Release DateFriday, 1 October 2021
RatingM (Coarse language)
Running Time1hr 37m
StarringCandela Peña, Sergi López, Nathalie Poza
Directed byIcíar Bollaín
CountrySpain | France
LanguageEnglish | French | Spanish | Catalan (subtitled)
Original TitleLa boda de Rosa
GenreComedy, Romance
DistributorPalace Films

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Fri 1 Oct
Sat 2 Oct


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