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Frequently Asked Questions


Most MOVIE SCHEDULES are determined a week before opening on the Thursday. Schedules are posted on the Majestic Cinemas website by Monday evening. Book mark our website or sign up for the weekly email to be well informed.

The distributor of a film will stipulate NO FREE TICKETS on selected films for a set duration. This restriction will not apply to the entire season of a film - usually only weeks 1 and 2. Check our programme schedule to ensure you will not be disappointed. Includes: War Veterans, Cinema Pioneers, all promotions and offers.

SPECIAL EVENTS are any events or screenings so declared by Majestic Cinemas. Normally Special Events will be screenings of alternative content, rather than filmed entertainment (eg Live Sports, Concerts, Documentaries, Opera, Festivals etc), however Majestic reserved the right to offer filmed content as a Special Event when

Digital technologies put you in the centre of your movie-going experience. You will hear five full-range discreet channels, plus a subwoofer channel that coves the bottom one-tenth of the audible range - these are the technologies that create the experience. The dynamic range (the ratio of the loudest sounds to the softest) is significant and the full-range surround channels make lifelike special effects possible - think helicopters flying overhead. And the subwoofer sound can often be felt as well as heard.

Our programming policy is to present as diverse a range of films as possible given the number of screens available. You can expect to see a mix of chick-flicks, quality family films, action movies and selected mainstream movies as well as more limited release films targeting all ages.

Please contact us via the Contact form, stipulating your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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